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Get the Gospel There...In Time!

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Help Get the Gospel There In Time!

The effective global advance of the gospel is the best and most lasting way to resolve the issues plaguing our planet, and the only solution that addresses both present and future suffering or healing.

So many people with no access to the gospel face incredible adversity, often without hope. Cross-cultural missionaries face unique challenges as they go to them. Global workers benefit from excellent training to be fruitful and resilient so they can effectively bring gospel good news to the peoples of the world!

TRAIN International has had the privilege of equipping hundreds of global workers serving on every inhabitable continent on the planet. Your donation helps equip and deploy more workers on the front lines. Together, you can help make an impact that spans the globe!

Partnering together, critical needs are being addressed across the planet: Orphans and children in Bangladesh and Kenya receive care, sustenance and compassion. Men in the Middle East and Côte d'Ivoire receive education, training and Christian mentoring. Women in Colombia and Haiti receive rescue, empowerment and job skills.

These crucial needs and more are being met, and along with them, the soul's deep need for the grace found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you, for your help in meeting these needs!

"Our training with TRAIN International has really positively affected the way that we work overseas as a team and even how we work within our family. It has helped us to go prepared and stay effective."
-TRAIN alumni

TRAIN International is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and for gifts given within the U.S., your contributions to TRAIN International are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; section 170.